Gemini Syndrome at Sunshine Studios Live on 10/27/2017 06:00 PM MDT

October 9, 2017

Gemini Syndrome

Sunshine Studios Live

10/27/2017 06:00 PM MDT

$15.00 – $18.00

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Supporting Acts: Dead Set Society, Spoken, Nova Crown, Beatgrinder, Winter Nacht

Gemini Syndrome

This band is comprised of a group of bros who started with a bean, planted it in the ground [watered it] and watched it organically flourish into a strong stalk. Former OTEP band member, Aaron Nordstrom is the front man of Gemini Syndrome. At the risk of political incorrectness, this “white wizard” is given this name by old friends and new ones because of his white hair and gotee. When one listens to this martial arts expert speak, Aaron clearly is given this descriptive adjective for being one who is wise beyond his years. GS hasn’t been given any handouts, or appointed blessings through a grandfather clause. They have worked their kneecaps off to get where they are and it only gets better from here.

Since signing last August with Warner Bros. Records, this band has run the fast track non-stop to promote the 2013 release of their upcoming album. Though they’ve only been an official band since around 2010, they have journeyed farther than most bands that have been in the music scene for many moons more. What’s the formula? What is it that differentiates Gemini Syndrome from other bands? This is a durably woven band that doesn’t turn and run at the first sign of difficulty. There’s a screaming soul within the lyrics of this band’s music that tears the way out of the body of pain. Gemini Syndrome paid their dues and they will not be denied! This band is going places on this perilous journey. Aaron Nordstrom (lead vocals) and Mike Salerno (guitarist) spoke about the melodic madness in the music.

Venue Information

Sunshine Studios Live

3970 Clearview Frontage Road

Colorado Springs, CO 80911

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