IRIDIUM & FIGHTING THE PHEONIX at Sunshine Studios Live on 05/20/2017 08:00 PM MDT

May 19, 2017

Fighting the Phoenix, Iridium

Sunshine Studios Live

05/20/2017 08:00 PM MDT


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Fighting the Phoenix

Ever since the boys in Fighting The Phoenix started back in 2011 they were alway told they wouldn’t go any where. They took this negativity and transformed it into fuel for success. They have never given up on their dreams and continue to take steps forward in the music industry. Since their start in 2011 they have since played with many massive bands including Trivium, Escape the Fate, New Years Day, BlessTheFall, Ionia, IWresteledaBearOnce, I See Stars, The Paramedic, Phineas, Outline in Color, The Plot In You and many more national acts. In May of 2015 Fighting The Phoenix hit the road for their first tour, “The Rumble in the Rockies Tour”. Upon arriving home from tour Fighting The Phoenix signed with The Dark Dream Agency making a huge step forward in their music career. since then, Fighting the Phoenix has been on many more tours including their Digital Tour Bus sponsored, “Via Trinus” tour. “Fighting The Phoenix” means to persevere and thats exactly what these boys intend to do. More heavy hitters and tours coming to a city near you soon, stay tuned!


etalcore band of Colorado Springs. Screamed vocals combined with clean vocals. Lots of harmonized guitar riffs, double bass drumming, and breakdowns.

Venue Information

Sunshine Studios Live

3970 Clearview Frontage Road

Colorado Springs, CO 80911

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