Krash Karma at Sunshine Studios Live on 12/02/2017 06:00 PM MST

November 28, 2017

Krash Karma

Sunshine Studios Live

12/02/2017 06:00 PM MST

$6.00 – $10.00

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Supporting Acts: Creatures Of Habit, Scar, Carrie Asher, Deryk Cunningham, Put To Rights

Krash Karma

Krash Karma is a hard rock band based in Hollywood, California. The band was formerly known as Suicide Holiday. Krash Karma’s current lineup includes Ralf Dietel as lead singer and guitar, Niki Skistimas on drums and vocals, Elias Tannous on lead guitar and vocals, and Nick on bass guitar.[1] The band toured places such as the United States, Germany, Africa, and Morocco.[2][3]

Venue Information

Sunshine Studios Live

3970 Clearview Frontage Road

Colorado Springs, CO 80911

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